Qualified Driver Training

Are you a nervous person, do you worry about todays busy traffic, do you struggle parking in car parks, have you never driven on busy motorways and want to visit a friend a long distance away.

Or do you just want to improve you driving skills to become a better driver, then read on.


I can offer you advanced training on various types of road, including Motorways, Dual Carriageways and rural roads, and in various different conditions. I can help you deal with busy traffic in town centres, and parking your car. Hazard awareness and perception plays a large part in driving on todays busy and congested road network, and I can help you, with good instruction and help, to deal with our busy roads.

If you just require additional help or training, then you can check my Prices Page, for up to date prices, and then give me a call or send me an E-Mail to arrange a convienient time. Visit my Contact Me Page,

Apart from feeling better about yourself, and becoming more confident on todays roads there are also additional benefits:

Research indicates that drivers trained to an advanced standard are 20% less likely to be involved in an accident. Apart from being safer on the road, you could also gain from:

  • reduced levels of driving stress,
  • improved fuel consumption,
  • less wear and tear on your vehicle.

And that's not all - an often overlooked reason for taking extra training is the challenge of improving your driving. You will be proud of your achievement, become more skilful and more confident as your driving is safer and more systematic. Advanced driving is about enjoyment, skill and safety; it's not about stress and speed.

There are also advanced driving tests available for you to take, so that you can prove your ability,Contact Me to discuss the options or check out the following links:

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  • ROSPA     Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.
  • IAM.     Institute of Advanced Motorists.
  • DIA.     Driving Instructors Association.

Why take the test? - Why should you be interested?

Traffic accidents account for almost half of all accidental deaths in Britain and are the largest single cause of death and injury to young adults. Most drivers think they are both safer and more skilful than the average driver, yet in 95% of accidents human error, mainly unsafe driving practices, is the major cause. You realise that driving conditions change and are becoming more difficult. In order to keep pace with this you need to review, adapt and update your driving skills. Enjoying your driving You should consider taking the test for all sorts of solid reasons:

● lowering your insurance premiums,

● Improved driving skills will not only make you safer, but you'll also find you get a lot more enjoyment out of your car.

● Passing an Advanced Drivers and Riders test will prove that you are a driver of the highest standard.

Do you have the ability? Absolutely any qualified driver could become an advanced driver, given instruction and some practice. You will need to know and follow the guidance in the current issues of the Highway Code and Roadcraft. However, you will be unwise to apply for the advanced test unless you have had some additional training.