Recommended Reading

After being asked the same question, about which books that should be read, before or during learning to drive, I thought I would come up with a list that I think would help people when learning to drive. There are many books and DVD's available on the market, but I have listed just a few.

The hazard perception part of the theory test is best learnt through an interactive DVD, that will give plenty of practise and mock tests.


The Highway Code.

Highway Code

The Highway Code is essential reading for everybody learning to drive. It contains all of the rules and regs that relate to driving in the UK. As a driver, it's your duty to know these rules - and remember if you don't abide by them, you'll be breaking the law and could end up being prosecuted. This could lead to you losing your licence, so it's worth getting to know what's what!

Know Your Traffic Signs.

Know your Traffic Signs

This handy reference title illustrates and explains the vast majority of traffic signs that a road user is likely to encounter. A thorough knowledge of all traffic signs is essential for all road users, not just new drivers or riders, making this the ideal companion to ensure your knowledge is up-to-date. Although The Official Highway Code contains most of the commonly used road signs which are prescribed by the Traffic Signs Regulations, it does not give a comprehensive explanation of our signing system. This is therefore a perfect complementary title to The Official Highway Code.

The Official DSA Guide to Driving - the essential skills.

The essential Skills

This is the only official industry-standard driving manual from DSA, the Driving Standards Agency. There is no other comparable, comprehensive, official product available on the market. It is ideal for all drivers - whether learner, experienced or instructor - to help them learn and maintain safe driving skills and improve their driving technique.

The Official DSA Guide to Learning to Drive Book

Learning to Drive

The only official guide which explains the standards required to pass today's practical driving test. Most people fail their driving test because they are not prepared. This book will help the learner and the person that pays for driving lessons by explaining the standard required for each key skill examined within the driving test. The aim is to make sure that the learner is capable of driving safely and confidently, without prompting from an instructor before they take their test.

The Official DSA Complete Learner Driver Pack 2008/09 Edition

Learner Pack

This official 3-disc electronic pack provides everything you need to fully prepare for and pass your theory and practical driving tests. This great value pack includes The Official DSA Theory Test CD-ROM, interactive Hazard Perception DVD and Practical Test DVD.

  • The Theory Test CD-ROM, allows you to test yourself on every theory test question you could be asked, and is the closest experience to the real multiple choice part of the theory test. Included is a digital version of the latest edition of The Official Highway Code.

  • The Hazard Perception DVD is an interactive DVD includes the official DSA video clips. Tests your recognition and response to hazards in real time and helps you increase your awareness of potential hazards.

  • The Practical Driving Test DVD, shows a test in action so you know exactly what to expect on the day of your test, and includes the 24 key driving skills that you'll be tested on in detail.

  • All books and packs listed above are available from all good book retailers, or from the TSO Online Bookshop